Game of Patience is one of the few groups in South East Asia region dedicated solely to the creation of free improvised music. Unconstrained by any given tradition, they draw influence and techniques from both the Asian and Western experimental music traditions. Performing with a focused intensity complimented by mercurial group interplay, they create sharp sweeping shards of improvised noise-jazz, creating textures combining extended techniques and electronics with elements of free jazz, electroacoustic composition and free improv.
The group consists of Malaysian saxophonist Yong Yandsen with the rhythm section consisting of Tokyo based drummer Darren Moore and Singapore based contrabass player and electronic musician Brian O’Reilly. The members of Game of Patience blend together their diverse backgrounds and  influences which contributes to the groups integrated sound.
Game of Patience are especially active throughout Asia with performances in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Japan among others. Their first meeting was for the 2009 Mosaic Music Festival in Singapore, with career highlights including performances at the Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film Festival in Malaysia in 2012, Music Matters Festival in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 2013, Japan tour in June 2014, and the CHOPPA Expermental Music Festival in Singapore in 2015.